I specialize in web and mobile development and have built various award-winning products and websites.

Public Sector Information App Competition 2014 - Outstanding Creativity Award

Smartphone Apps Design Contest 2012 - Best Technology Award

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012 - Silver Award, Best Lifestyle (Learning & Living) Award

Apps in the City, Public Sector Information App Competition 2012 - Gold Award

12th Challenge Cup in Dalian, China - First Prize

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011 - Merit Award, Best Ubiquitous Networking Award


System Analyst
JavaScript, AngularJS, CoffeeScript, CSS3, SASS, SocketIO, Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, iOS, AWS

EasyTable is a premier real-time online reservations platform for restaurants and a new way of managing reservations.

The Table Management System is designed to replace traditional pen-and-paper inventory taking for restaurant reservations together with a user-friendly interface, innovation features, and Customer Relationship Management is embedded. The online site, widget and mobile app for a more convenient and accessible consumer interface where diners can easily make reservations for our partner restaurants at anytime, anywhere.


JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS 2, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, ORM, DynamoDB‎, Lambda, AWS

There is a huge supply and demand of Shipping service - ShipAny is the all-in-one and fully end-to-end automated solution, which utilises Cloud, ERP workflow and online shop integration technology, target to accelerate the development of E-Commerce.

We believe most of you having the experience of online shopping, will also agree its benefits. Shipping (i.e. goods being shipped from merchant to end-consumer) becomes the key of entire operation process and user experience Unfortunately, Online Shop Merchant, End-Consumer and Courier Company encountered many problems in current operation workflow: For example, if online shop merchants want to connect their online shop to DHL or FedEx's automated order system to arrange delivery, it requires a deep technical knowledge. Besides, DHL and FedEx do not provide local and frozen delivery services. For consumers, there is a high demand for goods being delivered at a specific time, and hope that the online shop can provide more and best delivery options. For local logistics companies, although the company size is relatively small, they can often provide flexibility and more considerate service. Unfortunately, they cannot master the technology of connecting with online shops and the way to contact online shop merchants. To solve that, ShipAny provide automated shipping platform and integrated management portal.




Python, ERP, XML-RPC, PostgreSQL, ORM, AWS

Utilizes web technology and enables industry standard ERP processes running in the cloud.

Our CloudERP solution makes use of cloud computing platforms and services to provide a business with more flexible business process transformation. Also by customizing ERP to fit existing business process is the key success factor to leverage business efficiency.


JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, LESS, PHP, MySQL

/* Currently i am working on the new version of Pet28.com with AngularJS 5 and several UI/UX enhancement. */

Pet28 is a non-profit web platform that provides an advertising platform for private individuals, responsible breeders and rescue centers to list their adverts on. Potential buyers or adopters of pets can use the website to make initial contact with the advertisers. It also provides useful and informative information to help keep pets healthy and permanently.

This is a website revamp project with responsive redesign from front-end to back-end to database structure with security improvement and preventing leakage of sensitive information. Repair and optimize the badly designed database while remaining backward capability and data consistency is the most challenging part of this project.

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres

Android, PHP, MySQL

Android news reader app that collects and organizes articles from client's blog and WordPress with offline reading feature.


Analyst Programmer
JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, PHP, MySQL

Squarefoot.com.hk, a leading media brand in Hong Kong, is dedicated to providing property listings and information on the Hong Kong property market. We provide a comprehensive media platform, inclusive of a property website and free bilingual magazine that helps you find homes for sale or rent.

CUHK: Super Sync Ping Pong

JavaScript, NodeJS, SocketIO

Use the computer as a game screen, and mobile device as a controller. Utilize accelerometer in gameplay and support multiplayer mode. All happen on your browser, go to the site scan the QR code then you are good to go. No any wire or cable is needed.

CUHK FYP: Better late than never???

Android, Java, Secure Two-Party Computation Protocol, Garbled circuit, SFDL, SFE Computation

You are supposed to meet your friend at 7. You call at 7.10 and she says she is just out of the shower. At 7.20 she doesn't pick up her phone at all. Should you stay or should you go?

We design an app that tells you whether your friend is nearby, but without revealing her exact location (that would be creepy) by using cryptographic technologies like secure 2-party computation.
Traditional method of location aware application involved a third-party (server) brings concerns of location privacy. The innovative part of our application does not requires a third-party to calculate the nearness of two persons, we develop a Secure Two-party Computation protocol, which can jointly compute a result on inputs from two parties without revealing any location information to each other and the server. Location privacy can thus be assured.

Jaguar & Land Rover: Car show

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, PHP, MySQL

Provide a panel that allow staff import client's data and a Q&A game to client.
After we receive user's data our system will automatically send them a confirm email enclosed with e-Brochure.

Newsweb - Newsgroup web client

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, ASP.NET, MySQL

Newsweb is a web client which allow you bypass VPN to access newsgroup information located in their local server.

Chinese Medicine System - 仁悅堂中醫藥養生館管理系統

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL

This is a project that building a cross-platform chinese medical system with a wireless based enviorment.
It allow our Doctor to manage their patients comfortably with a user-friendly interface.

Invivo Interactive Ltd.

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, PHP, MySQL

This is a company website integrated with content management system (CMS).
It's designed for easily managing website's data.

Zeta Card: AR card


This is a greeting and invitation card system using AR (Augmented Reality) which enriches the user experience and information of traditional cards. All information is synchronous with mobile application by using a cross-platform backend system.

Short Cut: Urban Traffic Reporting System

Apps In The City - Public Sector Information Application Competition (Gold Award)

有見市場大部份道路資訊軟件 1.)提供道路資訊而忽略資訊的完整性, 2.) 著重駕駛人士而忽略通勤人士。

HKU iClass: Interactive Classroom Response System

iOS, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, PHP, MySQL
The 12th National Challenge Cup, China (First Prize)
Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012 (Silver Award)
Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011 (Merit Award)

iClass provide a convenient, secure, user-friendly, efficient and effective way to enable interactivity in an ordinary lecture course. Help to the enhancement of Student Learning Experience in the Curriculum Reforms and Innovation.

H.T: High Time - Michelle's Diary

iOS, Android, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, PHP, MySQL

H.T is a magazine application that including CMS for administrator update diary, movie, music etc.

SongHK - Music Video Platform

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, PHP, MySQL

SongHK is a free online music system which provide a user-friendly interface for the convenient way watching music video. SongHK using web 2.0 technology, all music, news and fourms can be updated by our user.

Buddhist Tai Hung College Alumni

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, PHP, MySQL

It provide a convenient way for teacher and technical assistant to manage the website. Using content management system - JOOMLA. User can manage static content, graphics, video, and event using web browser.


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